Skin Care Center Pharmacy Sahiwal

Skincare Pharmacy services represent an emerging patient opportunity in the health space, according to the leading dermatologist of the country, “Common and visible aging phenomena in our society has triggered a new focus on the role of skin care and dermatology. An authorized, certified, and quality skin care product make an ever-lasting impact on skin nourishment and growth.”

Our Pharmacy has its roots within the industry’ s best and licensed manufacturers, we have a strong quality checks in place and thus buy and sell only authorized skin care products and medicines.

Our Leadership

We are working under the leadership of highly experienced & qualified Skin Care Experts & Doctors. They always bring you the best solution not just the medicine. We are proud to be the first and the foremost Skin Care Center Pharmacy of the city. We build our reputation based on trust, quality, and the best-in-class standards.

Products & Drugs

We have a wide range of skin care products and medicines. It is to note that certain skin related drugs can only be purchased with the prescription. We don’t recommend drugs or any kind of skin related treatment. If you have certain skin issue, please visit our experts’ dermatologists.

Home Delivery Service

In addition to the physical purchase of the medicine and drugs, we also have home delivery service available. 

Please call us at: 0316-3852244 for medicine home delivery.