Dr Anwar Ul Haq Sheikh

Dr. Ahsan Anwar

Leading Dermatologists & Skin Care Specialists

Initiated by Sahiwal’s leading dermatologist and skin care specialist Dr Anwar Ul Haq Sheikh, Skin Care Centre Sahiwal has been leading by example for over 4 decades. Our continuous efforts in pursuit of perfection and new methods of treatments have seen significant improvements in the clinic. We invested heavily in cutting edge equipments and learning new practices and methods to treat the patients.

Due to our improvements over the time, we are able to introduce new advances in dermatology. We offer dermoscopy for all skin exams, narrow band UV treatment, patch testing for allergic skin rashes and natural and alternative options for the patients at skin care centre.

For specialized skin care treatments, patients were forced to travel towards bigger cities and more expensive facilities. Apart from being inconvenient, it was also a drain on their time and finances. By the grace of Allah, we have managed to bring the equipment required to do any procedure necessary so you do not have to travel anywhere.

The medical panel is strengthened by the addition of Dr. Ahsan Anwar who brought specialized approach in dealing with aesthetic dermatology with fresh breath of air and contemporary methods of treatment to the mix. Over the years we have perfected our art and acquired dedicated and committed staff that is both professional and pleasant. Our nurses and attendants are qualified, experienced and dedicated to make your experience a pleasant one.

We are now able to offer treatments for most of the skin and dermatology related problems that were not imagined being treated in Sahiwal before. An expansion in our expert’s panel means we are now able to treat sexual health problems and offer weight loss treatments.

A visit to our facility can open your eyes and show you the dedication towards our craft. Just book an appointment and get a healthy glowing skin without spending excessive amount.